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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 22:13
Single Digit Nixie Clock
My first build of a single digit nixie clock! 

The single tube clock blinks out the current time number-by-number, which is surprisingly easy to read!  This clock is utilizing a Russian IN-2 Nixie tube & Socket.  The PCB was home-made (Toner transfer method) using a board designed by Grzegorz Karnas .  The original design and code for the PIC 16F84A was created by 'Electronics and More' .  The board incorporates both the High Voltage step-up circuit (designed by Lance Turner of 'LEDSales ') and the logic to run the clock.  Power is supplied by a 9V wall-wart.

Grzegorz Karnas's website is all in Polish, but is still quite easy to follow :)

I just need to house it in something so curious fingers don't get burnt! 

Single Digit Nixie Clock

Single Digit Nixie Clock

(The IN-2 had a different pin configuration from the original board design, jumper wires were used to correct this)

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