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Tuesday, 20 June 2006 19:44

Image Dustin Diamond, who played Samuel "Screech" Powers on Saved by the Bell needs your help!!

In just 40 days, he's set to lose his house.  When Saved by the Bell finished, Dustin moved from California to make Wisconsin his new home.  With a poor credit rating, he knew that a loan was virtually impossible, but managed to purchase a house on a land contract .

Over the last few years, property values have risen and they want the land back.  Not ready to back down, Dustin enlisted the help of Arthur Giraldo who works for New York Capital Exchange .  Arthur is said to be an expert on land contracts, and came by way of recommendation by and old friend who said "If he can't do it, it can't be done." 

Arthur reassured Dustin that all would be good with his loan.  Dustin completed lots of paperwork but Arthur seemed to be ignoring the situation.  Repeated calls to his mobile were met with reassurances, but nothing seemed to be done.  Arthur said "Don't worry. Everything's moving ahead and all is well."

But all was not well.  Despite the fact that Dunstin had completed all the paperwork that was required, he was served with a notice of Foreclosure .  Arthur Giraldo, as it turns out, did nothing.  He did not contact the land contract holder, he did not pass on any papers that were signed.  He just didn't care what the outcome was.

Now, it's time for Dustin to take matters into his own hands.

You can help Dustin save his house for just a few dollars, Buy a TShirt!!   For $15 you get a fab shirt and for $20, he'll even sign it.  These are bound to become a collectors item!  I've got one on order, you should too!
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