Batch #3 Blows its top! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2006 16:26

Last night I started my 3rd batch of home brew...  I had a bit of a go at coming up with my own recipe and hopefully I will end up with a nice rich stout..... That is, if my fermenter doesn't blow itself up!

This batch consisted of:
2 cans of Coopers Stout extract
1 KG of Dextrose
500G of Lactose
26L of water
The OG of this batch was 1.060 and I have discovered one delight of home brewing - All this bloody foam spewing out of the top of my fermenter!!
This is a photo of my fermenter, it was worse than this a few hours ago, I cleaned it all off... but that didn't help for long.  After reading through a few posts on this problem at I've found that I need to use a blow-off tube, which I've done :)  so hopefully I have the problem sorted!
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