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Monday, 30 July 2012 13:10

I find myself looking for these measurements from time to time. I figure if I'm looking for them, others may be looking for them, too!

Standard Estes & equivalent body tubes (Weights for 18" length)
BT50.515" (13.08mm)
0.541" (13.74mm)
0.205 oz (5.8g)13mm Motor Tube
BT200.710" (18.03mm)
0.736" (18.69mm)
0.286 oz (8.1g)18mm Motor Tube
BT500.950" (24.13mm)
0.976" (24.79mm)
0.384 oz (10.9g)24mm Motor Tube
BT520.988" (25.10mm)
1.014" (25.76mm)0.441 oz (12.5g)Slip fit over BT50
BT551.283" (32.59mm)
1.325" (33.66mm)
0.635 oz (18g)
BT601.595" (40.51mm)
1.637" (41.58mm)
0.705 oz (20g)
BT702.175" (55.25mm)
2.217" (56.31mm)
1.291 oz (36.6g)
BT802.558" (64.97mm)
2.600" (66.04mm)
1.975 oz (56g)

Your mileage may vary.

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