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Friday, 21 September 2012 15:15

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 12:03

I really love the Estes Big Daddy. It's a great kit - looks good and flys well on D and E size motors. My last Big Daddy had a number of flights on the Aerotech E18 reload & looked fantastic with it's big white flame. It's part of my regular fleet, despite suffering a CATO when the rear closure of the motor blew out.

At Christmas time, I picked up another Big Daddy kit on Ebay with the aim of converting it to fly on 29mm motors - the H128 specifically!

The kit sat, taunting me for months but I've now completed my upgrade!! This is the Really Big Daddy!

I started by re-cutting the centering rings and fins in 3mm plywood - the fins are very slightly larger than original. The launch lug has been swapped for rail buttons and I have also added 120g of lead shot in the tip of the nose cone.

Rocksim predicts that this will fly to around 2800' on a H128 or about 2000' on a G64. I'm looking forward to launching this!

Space Cadet - Kit #R003 Print E-mail
Monday, 10 September 2012 09:33

The Space Cadet - Now available from The Rocketry Shop for $35
Instructions available here

More photos after the jump...

The Rocketry Shop Print E-mail
Friday, 31 August 2012 10:45

The Rocketry Shop is now open! After quite a few months of seting things up, I'm throwing open the doors to my new online shop.

The shop includes rocket kits (Ballistic Chicken, Orbital Decay and the new Space Cadet) along with rocket stands, parachutes, kevlar cord and other rocketry goodness!

You can access the store by clicking on the pictures above or via the link in the menu on the left.

Body Tube Sizes Print E-mail
Monday, 30 July 2012 13:10

I find myself looking for these measurements from time to time. I figure if I'm looking for them, others may be looking for them, too!

Standard Estes & equivalent body tubes (Weights for 18" length)
BT50.515" (13.08mm)
0.541" (13.74mm)
0.205 oz (5.8g)13mm Motor Tube
BT200.710" (18.03mm)
0.736" (18.69mm)
0.286 oz (8.1g)18mm Motor Tube
BT500.950" (24.13mm)
0.976" (24.79mm)
0.384 oz (10.9g)24mm Motor Tube
BT520.988" (25.10mm)
1.014" (25.76mm)0.441 oz (12.5g)Slip fit over BT50
BT551.283" (32.59mm)
1.325" (33.66mm)
0.635 oz (18g)
BT601.595" (40.51mm)
1.637" (41.58mm)
0.705 oz (20g)
BT702.175" (55.25mm)
2.217" (56.31mm)
1.291 oz (36.6g)
BT802.558" (64.97mm)
2.600" (66.04mm)
1.975 oz (56g)

Your mileage may vary.

TRAAU 24th June 2012 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 00:14

The June launch was the first Tripoli Victoria launch I have been able to attend this year. Building Mission Control and getting ready for the trip to Perth (For the Williams launch) had kept me busy.

The June launch was a two-day affair, I was only able to attend on Sunday.

The launch didn't get underway until about 11am due to cloud cover which plagued us on and off all day; And it was cold. Not just regular cold - brass monkey cold!

This was a big certification weekend with several Level 1 and 2 flights and one huge level 3 launch!

Karl successfully launched and recovered his rocket to achieve L3 certification!

I launched my upscale Ballistic Chicken Insanity on a G64 and my Der Red MicroMax

Despite the cold and the patchy cloud cover, the launch was a great sucess and as always a lot of fun to attend.

Level 2 Certification (Finally!) Print E-mail
Monday, 02 July 2012 20:52

Last year I attempted my Level 2 certification flight with my big rocket, Freefall. Unfortunately, it sustained some damage on the nose cone from impacting on the back of the rocket (the parachute got caught up on the camera I had strapped to the side) and I didn't get my Level 2.

With the trip to Perth recently, I decided to try again! This time I was successful :)

I lauched a 3.9" Loc V2 with some added nose weight on a J420R. It was a fantastic flight and really happy to have my L2 cert now, too!!

Big thanks to Scoop, Kopius and everyone else who lent a hand on the day!

To Williams and Back in 15 days. Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 June 2012 00:38

This year I took the opportunity to do something big - drive from one side of Australia to the other and back, a round-trip of a little over 7900km (4900mi). The great Aussie road-trip!

The main purpose of the trip was to attend the Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals event near Perth, Western Australia. Organised and hosted by the good folk at Tripoli Western Australia for the past 3 years, with 2012 being the 4th.

I've uploaded photos of the trip to Flickr

Along the way, stops were made at Woomera, The Great Australian Bight, the Perth Zoo and Wave Rock as well as crossing the Nullarbor Plain. Check out the full set of photos (broken up by each day) here.

I Made the Local Paper! Print E-mail
Monday, 07 May 2012 21:14
Despite being eliminated from the iiNet TopGeek competition during round 2, I did get a story in the Dandenong Leader newspaper!

Click to embiggen

The email I received from iiNet said that I only missed out winning my category (Tech) by a few points, coming runner up. Oh well! I'll try again next year!!
iiNet TopGeek Competition Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 April 2012 20:42
ImageiiNet, an Australian Internet provider, has been running the TopGeek competition for a few weeks now. I figured I would enter and see how far I could get. Round 1 is now over and thanks to quite a few friends I got enough votes. I have made it into Round 2 - I'm now in the top 50!

Round 1 was all about votes. Round 2, however, is about creativity. The task for me, being in the Tech category, was to invent something. Naturally enough, I invented a rocket!

Here's my video submission -

I invented the GEEK rocket :)

Click to Embiggen. More photos on Flickr

You can download the RockSim file from Here. I also had to provide supporting documentation for my invention. I have packaged that up as a PDF file and you can read it Here. (I'm using to host the files, any problems drop me an email)
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