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Monday, 22 September 2014 11:24

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Over the last few months I've been checking out the campaigns on Kickstarter.

With many Kickstarter campaigns, the question is - what's in it for me? And, I guess that's a fair question as many of these campaigns are seeking funds to start a commercial business.

However, one campaign that I came across last week was the Johnston Mark II rocket.

The campaign is being run by Bryan Friestad, a Junior at Johnston Senior High School in Johnston, Iowa; he's hoping to use the funds to complete a school project.

Bryan has plans on building a nice big 10 feet tall and 3 inches in diameter blue-tube rocket with a 54mm motor mount.

Cesaroni is his motor hardware of choice. He's seeking to purchase a 54mm starter set along with a P54-3G White reload (It's a K350)

The Johnston Mark II rocket will be carrying a payload that includes an 808 Key chain camera, A Transolve BeepX sonic beacon for recovery and a Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo - giving this project some data back after the flight.

A full breakdown of the costs involved in the project is available on the Kickstarter page.

So, that question - What's in it for me? That's an easy one! I've got an opportunity to pay it forward, to give back to the rocket community in a positive way. Oh, and since I've selected the $50 "Official Sponsor" level, I get my website's name on the rocket, too! Both pretty neat!

Now it's your turn! Head on over to Bryan's campaign on Kickstarter and pledge a few dollars! The campaign is active now, through to October 23rd 2014 - Don't leave it to the last minute to get on board!

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