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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 22:37

I have just received my 'Core' laser by Wicked Lasers .  Purchased though laserpointer.com for a very reasonable price, I am very impressed!  It's very green and very cool!

Core Laser 

After a good bit of research and looking, I have finally bought myself a Wicked 'Core' Green Laser.  

From all reviews, the Wicked range of lasers provide a stable beam with very little divergence and some of the more powerful models are even capable of burning and cutting!


Not all lasers are the same, reports on the green lasers available on eBay suggest that many are over-rated, some being modified to provide higher output power, while others are missing the IR filter (will give a higher power output reading when tested, but not within the visible light spectrum)

Green lasers appear much brighter than the same power red laser - you can even see the beam in the air at night!

This is the best $50 I've spent :)

Diode Pumped Solid State Laser
Wavelength : 532nm
Max Output power <5mW
Class IIIa Laser
Batteries: 2 x AAA (Providing ~90 minutes of run time)


Green Lasers differ quite a bit from the typical Red laser pointer you'll find on the street.  A red laser pointer is typically a single red laser diode mounted with a focusing lens. A green laser, however, is a much more complicated.  Sam's Laser FAQ has pulled apart a green laser to show you what's inside!

 Core Laser Warranty


Oh, and the warranty card that comes with the Core laser warns:

"Keep Out of Children"


OK!  I'll be sure to keep out of children, thanks for the warning guys!!

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