MYKI Mayhem Print
Thursday, 28 January 2010 08:02
Towards the end of 2002, the Victorian State Government began work to replace the current public transport ticket with a new "Smart" ticket... 8 years later and at a cost of $1.4bn, we get MYKI.

This wonderful new ticketing system will allow seamless ticketing between trains, busses and trams... Or, that's what it's supposed to do. Right now, after all the fanfare of the launch, it only works on trains - so if you catch a bus or a tram, you're out of luck and must continue to use the existing tickets.

However, that's not such a bad thing! Reports are coming in of commuters being over-charged, cards not working at barriers and machines that are simply out-of-order - why does this not surprise me?!

During January, the Transport Ticketing Authority, the department responsible for running this wonderful system, is offering free MYKI passes to anyone who registers online.

So I took up that offer...

MYKI Pass - Dracula

MYKI Pass - Mr Max Headroom

MYKI Pass - Dr Evil

MYKI Pass - Mr Krusty Clown

MYKI Pass - Dr Fare Evader

MYKI Pass - Mr Slartibartfast

MYKI Pass - Mr Zaphod Beeblebrox

MYKI Pass - Mr Hotblack Desiato